Personal Training

Get into shape with a personal trainer!

There is no better time then now to begin getting in shape.

Anyone can benefit from personal training... Whether you are new to exercise or are looking to improve your golf game, personal training can help you reach your health and fitness goals. Our staff of certified personal trainers will develop a safe, challenging, and effective exercise routine based on your specific goals and abilities. Your personal trainer will support you with the expert knowledge, coaching, and motivation to help you look, feel, and live better!


Personal Training can help you...

  • Improve your skills for a specific sport or activity ~ Overcome a fitness plateau
  • Meet your health and fitness goals ~ Stay motivated
  • Develop a healthier and more active lifestyle ~ Prevent injury
  • Learn new exercise techniques ~ Increase your confidence
  • Improve your strength, endurance and flexibility ~ Improve overall health and well-being

Individual Sessions:
1 client working with 1 trainer)

Partner Sessions:
2 clients working with 1 trainer)

Fitness Members: Fitness Members:
1 Session for $40 3 Session for $150
3 Session for $105 6 Session for $240
6 Session for $180  
Non-Members: Non-Members:
1 Session for $50 3 Session for $210
3 Session for $135 6 Session for $360
6 Session for $240  

* Training packages include an initial consultation, personalized program design, and one-hour supervised training sessions (Minimum age: 14 years old).

To schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation with a personal trainer, contact Sarah Goodwin at or call (413) 583-2072 ext 127