The pool is CLOSED starting today (Saturday, 9/23), due to electrical issues with the pump. The pool will be closed for several days until the pump can be repaired. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Youth Of The Year

Youth Of The Year Ludlow-Boys-and-Girls-Club-Youth-of-the-Year.png

Congratulations to our Youth of The Year, Melia Pirog!  Youth of the Year is a Boys & Girls Clubs of America Program recognizing and celebrating leadership, academic success, civic responsibility, and engagement.


Past Youth of the Year Winners:

2023 Melia Pirog
2021 Elena Chaplin
2020 Elena Chaplin
2019 Adam Wehner
2018 Lauren Teixeira
2017 Brooke Chisholm
2016 Jordan Regadas
2015 Jordan Regadas
2014 Joe Forzano
2013 Nathan Turgeon
2012 Paul Crevier
2011 Sarah Santos
2010 Kevin Hotaling
2009 Katelyn Unsderfer
2008 Emalee Furtek
2007 Nina Perez
2006 Daniel Billingsley
2005 Jessica Unsderfer
2004 Sean Zdanis
2003 Jennifer Moskal
2002 Nicole Mercier
2001 Daniel Fernandes
2000 Daniel Fernandes
1999 Tina Ganhao
1998 James Billingsley
1997 Christine Santos
1996 Christine Santos
1995 Andrea Lombardi
1990 Allison Silva