The Club will be closed on Monday 5/27 for Memorial Day and will reopen on Tuesday 5/28 as regularly scheduled.


The clock atop the number eight mill of the Ludlow Manufacturing Associates is probably the most familiar landmark in the town of Ludlow; yet running the timepiece a close second is the Stevens Memorial Building on Chestnut Street. Years ago, this building was known as the "Rec" and the mere mention of the name begins a flood of wonderful memories of swimming, dances, and exciting athletic events.

  • March of 1949

    In March of 1949, the Board of Selectman presented an article in the town meeting recommending that the town of Ludlow purchase the Stevens Memorial Building and property. The voters gave their full support to the article and voted unanimously to purchase the complex.

  • June of 1949

    In June of 1949, at a special town meeting, it was voted unanimously that the Stevens Memorial Building continue to be used for recreational purposes for the entire town, with the understanding that the town of Ludlow would maintain the building in the areas of janitorial service, heating, cost of public utilities, and capital improvements. The building officially became the Ludlow Community Center.

  • October 19, 1949

    On October 19, 1949, the corporation charter was received from the State of Massachusetts for the Ludlow Community Center with the purpose of the Center to be as follows: to promote good citizenship and to provide a place or places with facilities and equipment for educational and recreational activities for both the young and adult citizens of both sexes irrespective of race, creed, or color. The Corporation was to be absolutely non-sectarian.

  • February of 1950

    In February of 1950, Mr. Pagos was hired by the Board of Directors and on March 1, 1950, the Ludlow Community Center opened its doors for the youth and adults of the town.

  • Springfield United Fund

    The Center applied for and received admittance as a member agency of Springfield United Fund. The next priority was getting the building in shape for expanded services. A great deal of work had to be done, and the community took on the job with enthusiasm and vigor. With the help of many volunteers and service groups in the town, the Center took on a new appearance with all areas renovated and painted.

  • Indian Orchard, Wilbraham, Sixteen Acres, and Springfield

    The Executive Director and staff planned a variety of diversified programs and activities for the many youngsters and adults flocking to the Center. Membership steadily increased each year as kids and adults came not only from Ludlow, but also from Indian Orchard, Wilbraham, Sixteen Acres, and Springfield. As a result of the increased membership and the need for additional programs and services, renovations were made which included modern locker rooms, toilet areas, more swimming pool deck space, a new boys' game room, an enlarged girls' sewing area, arts & crafts facilities, and more office space.

  • April of 1962

    In April of 1962, the Corporation voted to change the name to "The Ludlow Boys & Girls Club, Inc." We are proud of what our Club means to the community; thousands of boys and girls have passed through the doors of the Club during the past forty-nine years with fond memories of the many activities they participated in and many friends they made. As we look back over the years we realize that all this has been made possible through those individuals and groups who cared and gave of themselves along with the Ludlow Boys & Girls Club to help thousands enter adulthood as responsible caring citizens.

Board Presidents:
James Cormack 1950-1960
Dr. Robert Mackintosh 1961-1966
Leander Boucher 1967-1969
John T. Phelan 1970-1971
S. Louis Marceau 1971-1974
Reed Wallace 1975-1976
Walter Ricardi 1977-1978
David Dziura 1979-1981
Atty. Jason Thompson 1982-1984
Robert H. Carnevale 1985-1997
Maria Gomes 1997-1999
Atty. James Trono 1999-2001
Dr. John Vomero 2001-2003
Karen Sheehan 2003-2005
Edward Sokolowski 2005-2007
Anthony Forzano 2007-2009
Donna Hogan 2009-2011
Kevin Crowley 2011-2013
Joanne Ollson 2013-2015
Atty. Richard Maynard 2015-2017
Phil Goncalves 2017-2019
Susan Teixeira 2019-2021
Diana Roy 2021-present
Executive Directors:
Michael Pagos 1950-1960
David Armstrong 1961-1962
Joseph Ross 1963-1969
Harold Donnelly 1969-1989
James Moriarty 1989-2011
Daniel D'Angelo 2011-2012
Jenn Aldworth 2012-2018
Mechilia Salazar 2018-2023
Josue Irizarry 2023-present