Ambassadors are individuals who support the Club by volunteering their time and talents. Ambassadors shall:

  •    Provide volunteer hours to support the Club and its needs at various events throughout the year or serve on a standing or special committee
  •    Serve as an advocate for youth and promote the Club's mission & philosophies
  •    Provide connections and/or networking opportunities to develop relationships with potential Club supporters
  •    Support the Club’s mission with a yearly contribution to the One Campaign

Interested in becoming an Ambassador? To get more information please contact President/CEO Josue Irizarry at (413) 583 2072, ext. 113


Thank you to our AMBASSADORS!

Carla Alves
Mike Assaf
Maureen Beauregard
Krysten Beaven
Kevin Crowley
Carla DiLoreto
Mary Dobek
Zac Ellison
Gloria Faria
Jana Forzano
Tony Forzano
Todd Gazda
Fernanda Gomes
Peter Hogan
Sandra Kane
Elinor Kelliher
Michael Kelliher
Melissa Knowles
Angela Kramer
Emily Leonczyk
Peter Letendre
Paul Madera Jr.
John Manganaro
Timm Marini
Darlene Mark
Maxine Mazur
Dick Navin
Lisa Nemeth
Michael O'Rourke
Debbie Paixao
Dave Pare
Ryan Pease
James Pouliot
Brian Randall
Laura Rooney
Sue Santos
Ed Sokolowski
Sheryl Stanton
Donna Tyburski