* As we navigate the COVID 19 pandemic, our offerings are evolving. We are currently working on a reopening plan for our Adult programs for fitness and aquatics members. Please see updates and ongoing response plans to COVID-19, under the Information Tab; UPDATED 9/16/2020 *

2020/20201 Remote Learning Program (RLP) FAQs

Remote Learning Support Program UPDATED 9/7/2020*

Important Pre-registration FAQ:

The Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys & Girls Club is committed to supporting our families and community especially during this unprecedented time. We are excited to offer a safe and positive space for Ludlow youth to do remote learning with support and enable parents/guardians to return to work. The program design is based on survey results that many of you responded to, which informed us on where our community needs us the most – thank you!

As this is a brand new program and many health and safety guidelines that need to be adhered to, we have created an FAQ below and ask that you please review along with the parent handbook and COVID CARE PLAN thoroughly before registering your child(ren). As this COVID-19 health emergency remains fluid, this FAQ will be updated as needed.


  • When does the Remote Learning Support Program(RLP) begin?
    • The RLP will being on September 21st and follow the Ludlow Public Schools calendar.
  • What are your program hours?
    • The RLP will run from 7:15 am to 4:30 pm. Staffing limitations and protocols do not make it feasible for us to open any earlier or remain open any later. Your child would be registered to attend either on Mon.|Tues.|Wed. OR Wed.|Thurs.|Fri. depending on their assigned cohort from LPS.
  • Who is eligible to enroll in this program?
    • The program is being offered to students in grades K-8 up to 13 years-old in accordance with our EEC license. Additionally, the RLP is only available for Ludlow Public School students who have elected to enroll in LPS’s hybrid schedule. Health and safety is our number one priority and thus our program is designed to align as closely as possible to the cohort design of LPS to limit exposure for youth. The Club also does not have the bandwidth to accommodate school and classroom schedules from multiple districts.
    • Once registered, children will be placed in a group that will remain consistent for the school-year to adhere to health and safety guidelines.
  • What are the program fees and what is the payment process?
    • The weekly fee per child is $126. The first week’s payment in addition to a non-refundable registration fee of $50 will be due at the time of registration. Subsequent weekly fees will be debited from a checking or savings account. We recognize that any expense for remote learning support is an unanticipated expense for families and thus the Club will be subsidizing a portion of the operational costs to keep it as affordable as possible for families. Families who are facing extreme financial hardship are encouraged to reach out to Club President/CEO Chile Salazar at msalazar@ludlowbgc.org to explore further assistance.
  • How do I register my child?
    • Registration will be on a first come, first serve basis via an online portal. A link to access this will be released on Monday, September 7th. *If you have a voucher or you are a Ludlow Public School Teacher, a separate link is required. Please email ssantos@ludlowbgc.org to access.
    • In addition to completing the online registration form, there will be supplemental documents/forms that will be available on our website for review and acknowledgement. We will be announcing days/ times in which the supplemental packet can be dropped off along with a payment form and voided check to set-up weekly debits.
    • Limited spots are available for each cohort.
    • If upon registration, the Club has reached its capacity for a selected cohort, you will be placed on a waiting list
  • When do I drop off my child?
    • The drop-off window will be between 7:15 – 8 am. It is important for parents/guardians to adhere to this window of time to minimize disruption for the other children as they settle in to prepare for remote learning and to prevent staff from being able to attend to other program matters. Further guidance will be shared regarding the process soon.
  • When do I pick up my child?
    • Pick up time will be between 3:15-4:30 pm. Further guidance will be shared regarding the process soon.
  • What if I only need one or two days of remote learning support for my child?
    • Parents can choose to send their child for one, two, or three days. However, the fee will remain the same at $126 per week per child. Please understand that accommodating needs by day would present many logistical and financial challenges for the Club.
  • How will holidays affect the program?
    • The following days will be paid closures and thus full weekly rates will be due for the RLP:

Oct. 12 Columbus Day| Nov. 11 Veteran’s Day| Nov. 26 Thanksgiving Day| Nov. 27 Day after Thanksgiving| Dec. 24 Christmas Eve| Dec. 25 Christmas Day| Jan. 18 Martin Luther King Day| May 31 Memorial Day

  • Friday, April 2 is a paid closure for Professional Development for Club staff
  • What happens on snow days?
    • In the event LPS cancels school due to inclement weather, the Club will be closed as well. No refunds will be granted for snow days.
  • How will LPS half days and early release days affect the RLP?
    • The RLP hours will remain the same and our staff will be prepared to offer enrichment activities during out-of-school time hours.
  • What will my child need to bring each day?
    • Labeled Chromebook, charger and headphones
    • Labeled Calculator (as appropriate and recommended by school teacher)
    • Labeled Bag lunch (will not be refrigerated or heated)
    • Two snacks –labeled
    • Appropriate seasonal clothing – ALL LABELED. Our staff will be making their best effort to help your child adapt to remote learning. We will optimize asynchronous and out-of-school times to spend as much time outside as possible and offer different activities to keep them having fun and moving.
    • A supply of clean masks
    • Login info (ID & password) for Chromebook and Google Classroom
  • What will the Club be providing for my child?
    • The Club will be providing a safe and positive learning environment on days that he/she is not physically in school. Your child will be assigned to a group that will remain consistent throughout the school-year, led by the same Group Leaders in a 1:13 staff to youth ratio. This takes into account health & safety measures and we believe will also help foster a positive learning environment as the Group Leader(s) will get to learn about your child’s learning style over the course of the year. The Club will also provide basic supplies that may be needed such as pencils, paper, markers, crayons, rulers and scissors. Lastly, the Club will be taking a holistic approach to supporting your child in remote learning. As mentioned above, our Group Leaders will utilize our 38,000 sq. ft building and outdoor space to provide activities to promote character & leadership development, healthy lifestyles and good character & citizenship.
  • What will the Club expect from me as the parent/guardian?
    • The Club needs every parent/guardian to understand that the best way to ensure all our children succeed is if we work together while also understanding we continue to be surrounded by lots of uncertainty and challenges. Every child will respond to remote learning differently and in accordance with their individual learning styles. It is still unclear how each synchronous learning session will be facilitated by school teachers and how each child will respond. With patience and communication between parents, teachers and Club staff, we are confident our youth will have a wonderful school-year.
  • What should I do if my child will be absent?
    • Parents/guardians must contact the Club at (413) 583-2072 ext. 128 and leave the following information on our absentee mailbox: Your Name|Child’s Name| Child’s D.O.B| Reason for the absence.
    • An email must also be sent to ssantos@ludlowbgc.org AND kmaxwell@ludlowbgc.org
    • If an absence is related to an illness, please refer to our COVID Care Plan accessible via the Club’s website for additional guidance