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Myth: The Club doesn’t significantly affect the lives of our youth.
Fact: 57% of Boys & Girls Club alumni said the Club “saved my life.”

One Campaign

It just takes one…

It just takes your support to make an impact in the life of a child. It is because of you, our generous donors and sponsors, that we are able to change the lives of children and families in our community.

One day in the life of a child can make a huge impact on his or her future. One caring adult can create an unbreakable bond with a vulnerable child that will last him a lifetime. One Boys & Girls Club can offer hope to a neighborhood. One gift from you can open the door to a brighter tomorrow for more of our children.

At the Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys & Girls Club, we teach and serve with one purpose: to inspire and enable young people to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. Concentrating on children from disadvantaged circumstances, we offer a sense of belonging and the tools to make positive choices to each child who come to our Club. But we cannot do it alone. We need the support of caring people and leaders like you to help us reach children who need us the most.


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One Child

Each child that walks through our door has one unique future. One may come from a loving, single-parent family. One may speak little English. One may not have a home. At the Boys & Girls Club, it is our job to give each child a real sense of hope and opportunity. We work to bring out what’s inside a child and we carry out our mission with care. We take it one child at a time.

Professional staff members at the Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys & Girls Club are experts at providing informal guidance to a young person that will help develop character. We have the potential to impact the life of each and every young person we serve. Your generosity allows the Club to have a profound impact on a child’s life by offering fun and appealing activities that show we care. 

The Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys & Girls Club provides:
A Safe Place….for those who may be left alone after school or on the streets with no guidance. The Club is a safe place to play and a place safe enough to be yourself.

Life-Enhancing Programs…that can open young minds. The Boys & Girls Club exposes youth to new ideas and skills that prepare them for life. We teach the importance of character in all of our programs.

A Relationship with Caring, Trained Adults…the better the programs; the more children we can attract; the more likely they will build a relationship with a caring adult; the more opportunity our Boys & Girls Club can positively influence the character of a child.

Hope and Opportunity…as young people experience our Club, we become a place for hope. Hope leads to increased confidence and a brighter future.

Our fees and dues are affordable so that all children can have access to our programs. Your financial investment helps us continue to welcome and inspire more and more children who need help each day. Your support helps us be their home away from home.

One Opportunity

Every day professional staff at the Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys & Girls Club are faced with a daunting challenge: take one day, one program, one hour, to help turn a life in the right direction. Keep a child engaged and eager to learn more. Create a relationship that will have influence for a lifetime.

Our staff is dedicated to teaching the importance of character in daily life. They are caring adults who strive to direct children to choose right from wrong. They instill a sense of belonging and promote feelings of competence. They give children a chance to make positive choices.

According to the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice, students in quality after-school programs have better academic performance, behavior, and school attendance and greater expectations for the future. Therefore, at the Ludlow Boys & Girls Club, we offer time-tested and nationally recognized programs and activities in five distinct areas:

  • Character and Leadership – Helping boys and girls become responsible citizens and experience the democratic process. Building character is our strongest strategy.

  • Education and Career – Encouraging youth to create aspirations for the future, providing them with opportunities for career exploration and educational enhancement.

  • Health and Life Skills – Facilitating the achievement and maintenance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Programs address issues such as resisting violence, drug abuse, and premature sexual activity.

  • The Arts – Enhancing self-expression, developing multicultural appreciation, and gaining creative skills. 

  • Sports, Fitness and Recreation – Developing fitness, use of leisure time, reduction of stress, appreciation for the environment, and social skills.

Your financial support is essential to the programs and activities our Club offers the children of our community. Your investment enables the Club’s professional, caring adults to guide our young people.

One Future

Make one commitment to the future of youth today. The Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys & Girls Club delivers quality programs and an exceptional experience for the at-risk children of our area. You can help our Club attract and capture the interest of local youth. It just takes one donor like you to make a difference. Together we can make a direct impact on the lives of our kids, and therefore, on our community and society.

Your dollars support boys and girls. Your dollars stay in your Club. Your dollars will last a lifetime.

It just takes one…

The 2019 Annual Campaign for the
Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys & Girls Club

Campaign Overview
Our 2019 Campaign Goal: $40,000