Wish List

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Please consider supporting the Club by purchasing an item on our Wish List, made with MyRegistry.com!


Gifts purchased through MyRegistry.com will be shipped directly to our friends at Bill's Tire & Trailer Service to keep them safe and secure while the Club is closed. (If you'd like to buy a gift outside of MyRegistry.com, please email Cristina to coordinate how/when we can arrange pick-up or drop-off).


Visit MyRegistry.com to see our Wish List


Can't decide what to get? A cash donation will help us make sure our greatest needs are met first. Once we are able to reopen our doors, re-engaging with our community, offering a safe and fun place for children to connect with their peers will be our biggest priority. Our goal is to help everyone attend the Club, regardless of financial challenges. Please help make the Club accessible to all!

Thank you for your support!