Calendar & Closing Policies

The School-Age Childcare program will follow the Ludlow Public Schools' decision for cancellations and delays due to snow or inclement weather. If the Ludlow Public Schools are closed there will be no School-Age Childcare Programs (Before & After-School). If the Ludlow Public Schools have a delay, the Before-School program will delay its start time. For example, if the school is delayed by 2 hours the Before-School program will also be delayed two hours and open at 8:30AM. If the Ludlow Public Schools release early due to inclement weather,the children in the After-School Program will still be bussed to the Club as usual. In this instance we ask that parents pick their children up as early as possible and check the following TV stations for closing notices. Closings will be posted on TV 22, TV 40, and TV3.
Download the Winter Weather Cancellations, Delays and Closing Policy 


List of Holidays where the Club will be closed