*Please note that starting in January 2022, we will be offering private and and semi-private swim lessons only. Group swim lessons will resume in February.


Updated Covid-Care Plan for Athletic/Aquatic/Fitness & Social Recreation Programs

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Youth Swim Lessons

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DATES/TIMES: Weekday mornings, afternoons and weekends



Swim Lessons Level Descriptions

Parent & Child: Ages 6 mos-3 years (with parent/guardian in water)

Preschool 1: ages 3-4
No water experience. Beginner level for ages 3-4. Child will become familiar with the water without the parent. Skills include introduction to front kicks, blowing bubbles, breath control, underwater exploration, front/back glide, coordinated arm strokes, kicks and arm strokes on back, short breaths of air, introduction to lifejackets, and pool rules. (Child must be able to swim on ones front and take at least three breaths of air while traveling a distance of 10 feet from the wall before moving to Preschool 2).

Preschool 2: ages 4-5
Advanced preschool class for ages 4-5. (Child must have the correct kick with legs extended behind them, attempted coordinated arm stroke and take at least three breaths of air while traveling a distance of 10 feet from the wall to be in this class). Skills include front/back kicks, under water exploration, front/back glide, coordinated arm strokes and kicks on front/back, rotary breathing, and elementary backstroke. (Child must be able to swim five yards with coordinated arm stroke and rotary breathing and five yards on back to be considered for the next level).

Preschool 3: ages 4-5 (must complete Preschool 1 & 2 first)
Focuses on coordinating arm and leg movements and improving upon skills learned in Levels 1 and 2.

Level 1, 2 (Introduction to Swimming and Fundamental Aquatic Skills)
Ages 6-up. No water experience necessary. Learn basics of swimming including entering/exiting the water, holding your breath underwater, supported and unsupported front/back float, flutter kicking, alternating arm strokes front/ back, submerging in chest deep water, coordinated arm stroke front/back, and explore deep water. (Exit Skills: 1-Step into chest deep water, move into a front float, return to standing position, then move to a back float position for five seconds and return to standing position. 2-Push off and swim using a combination of arm/leg actions for 15 feet on the front; push off and swim using a combination of arm and leg actions for 15 feet on the back.)

Level 3 (Stroke Development)
Must pass Level 2. Skills include jumping in deep water, head-first entries, retrieving an object from the bottom, rotary breathing, front/back glide for distance, treading water for 30 seconds, changing body position in deep water, front/back crawl, elementary backstroke, and butterfly kick. (Exit Skills: 1-Jump into chest-deep water, swim front crawl for 15 yards with face in and rotary breathing, maintain position by treading water or floating for 30 seconds and swim back crawl for 15 yards.)

Level 4, 5 (Building Stroke Development and Stroke Refinement)
Must pass Level 3. Skills include diving from side, long shallow dive and glide, swimming underwater, floating for time, open turns and flip turns from wall, treading water for time, front/back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, elementary backstroke, surface dives, survival swimming for time, and swim all strokes for distance. (Exit Skills: 1-Perform a shallow dive into deep water, swim front crawl for 50 yards, maintain position on back for two minutes and swim elementary backstroke for 25 yards. 2-Swim breaststroke for 25 yards, tread water for two minutes and swim back crawl for 50 yards.)

Level 6 (Swimming Skill & Proficiency)